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Read what happy "Pooped" clients are saying: 

"I feel so comfortable leaving Max and Leo with Alison. Seeing their tails wag and their butts wiggle when they see her makes me feel less guilty for leaving them. I know they are in great hands." ~ Carolyn & Jim W.

"Dearest Alison, it gives me the greatest pleasure to share my good and great stories about your ‘baby’ dogsitting service, because that is how you always treated my beautiful Tusscin, whom I believe was your very first ‘client’. I never worried for one minute when I had to be away, sometimes for several weeks at a time and certainly frequently each month, that Tusscin wasn’t being cared for with the utmost care and kindness, so much love and great long walks and hikes into the woods and nature. She was always happy to come to you and Harley, and that she was happy with you and other visitors (dogs) was my only concern, and this was so evident in her enjoyment and comfort with you both. With respect to her general health care, when you were concerned about something with her, you called me immediately, and we discussed it, and I very much always appreciated you informing me about anything that may pose a problem (an ear infection, diarrhea, etc.)

When I find my new little one, I will certainly leave her in your very capable care and love.

Thank you so much." ~ Michella, and Tusscin too! 

"Kinzie loves you, and we know that she is well looked after when she is with you. I know when I walk her up your street, she knows where you live and wants to go there. I can only guess that she gets spoiled and gets lots of love. When I was away Dave said that when he got home Kinzie was always fast asleep from her outings." ~ Loretta and Dave C.

 “Alison is great with dogs, and we always feel comfortable that (Tyson) will be well taken care of during his stay with her.”

~ Carol & Roger & Tyson

"Alison is awesome! She treats every pooch as her own, with tender loving care, patience, attention and oodles of love.

I never worry when my "baby" (Bilu) is with Alison, because I know he's in great hands." ~ Hodie K.

I love going to visit Auntie Alison and Harley so much that I decided to go down the street to Alison’s house all by myself when I was off leash and snuck out of sight. I waited at the door and luckily Auntie Alison came home with her other guests so that she could let me in. I ran right upstairs, kissed Harley, got a bone and lay down. ...No one knew where I was until Alison called my mom to let her know I just “dropped in.” Now I am on leash until I get inside my house, but….if my mom gave me another chance I would go there by myself again to be with all of my friends and my Harley!

Love Savanah!~ as told to "mom" Margit R.

Tinker, our almost 7 year old Flat Coated Retriever, is our baby and we were extremely happy and thankful when we met Alison a few years ago. He's stayed with Alison many times and is always excited and happy to go back. We know this because he pulls us to Alison's home every time we go down to the doggy park.

We know Tinker loves being with Alison and, just as important, we know Alison loves him as much as we do. We never have to worry when we drop him off....I just wish we had met Alison sooner.....Thanks so much Alison! ~ Marissa & Lee M. 

We have boarded our Ridgeback (Scout) at Alison's twice so far. He has come home happy and healthy both times. The best testimonial I can give is that he is so excited to see Alison that he doesn't even bother to look back at us when we drop him off! A very good sign indeed. We have already booked Christmas with her and will no doubt have many more stays with Alison in the future. She is fantastic!" ~ Penny & Gary L.

"Our golden retriever (Oscar) loves Alison; I do too.....because I never have to worry about him when he is out!! He sleeps like a log after hours of fun in the forest and is much better behaved after having spent some time with her. I would recommend Alison to anyone with a dog. She is caring, calm and loving!" ~ Harriet T.

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