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In-Home Boarding

Your pup will be pampered in a loving home environment, sharing his "surrogate parent" with only a mild-mannered resident dog and one or two others so he gets lots of attention. He'll go for at least one long (min. 1-hour) walk in a safe, off-leash area either in the woods or at the beach plus he'll get as many on-leash walks as needed in the neighbourhood. And don't worry about his manners. Our Training-on-the-Go service is included; we use positive-based training techniques to reinforce your dog's training while he's in our care. 

Fluffy dog beds, playtime with fun toys and furry friends, wholesome natural treats, limitless kisses and cuddles.... What else could your precious pooch want? 


  • Must have proof of current vaccinations for Bordatella (kennel cough), DHPP (protects against canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus, parainfluenza, and canine parvovirus) and Rabies.
  • Must be on some form of flea prevention treatment.
  • Must be house-trained.
  • Must be spayed/neutered.
  • Must have I.D. tag including current dog licence attached to collar.

Small Group Walks

Nothing poops out a pup better than a frisky frolic with friends. We keep our group walks small so we can maximize your dog's leash-free time (with parental approval, of course!). Whether climbing on stumps, digging in the sand, swimming in the "sea" or just trotting along a wooded trail, your dog will be able to unleash his inner pup in a safe, friendly environment. Walks also include Training-on-the-Go where we work on proper doggy etiquette and have fun with tricks and treats. Availability is limited. Priority goes to boarding clients.

Puppy Breaks

Is your pup still a puppy? Do you need to race home mid-day to feed him and take him for a quick walk? Fret no more! We'll come by and give your little guy a potty break and/or feed him his mid-day meal. We'll also throw in some play and cuddles to tide him over till you get home.


We incorporate basic training into all of our time spent with your dog, using positive-based techniques to reinforce good behaviour and prevent unwanted behaviour. Whether we're walking him on-leash in the neighbourhood, letting him run off-leash through the woods, or relaxing with him at home, we will maintain the basic obedience you've worked so hard to achieve and maybe teach him a few tricks along the way!   

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