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These days, most of us are not "dog owners" but rather "pet parents" and, as such, we want the very best for our "canine kids." When we can't have them with us, we're very particular about who will be looking after them and how they will be treated. At Pooped-Out Pups, we take the business of minding your pet very seriously, knowing that you are entrusting us with a very special member of your family. In fact, we consider ourselves your dog's surrogate parent. We are passionate about dogs but, more than that, we have studied animal behaviour extensively and continue to update that knowledge through courses, seminars and hands-on training. We are also licensed, insured, and certified in Pet First Aid.

Our services include:

  • Boarding in a cozy home environment
  • Small group walks
  • Puppy breaks

Whether for boarding or walking your dog, you can feel secure knowing that your "baby" is in good hands.

Contact us now for further information:

A "Pooped-Out Pup" is a happy pup!

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